Mainnet Data Query


Becausetransactions and block data on the mainnet are synchronized to the database in real time, developers can access data flexibly and efficiently by calling our API or by directly accessing our database.

Access Database

At present, developers can access a MySQL database directly to engage with the mainnet data. Other methods are being worked on and will be deployed at a later date.

MySQL Database


  1. This user only has read-only permissions. This user can access the block table and tx_addres table.
  2. The database server has permissions. You need to send the node IP address to We will whitelist the IP address, and then you can access the database normally.


  • Create a new MySQL database connection through Navicat Premium and fill in the relevant information.


  • View the data in the block information table.


Table field description

block(Block Information Table)

Name Type Length Notes
id int 11 Block primary key
number int 11 Block height
hash varchar 128 Block hash
parentHash varchar 128 Block parent hash
nonce varchar 32 Block nonce
miner varchar 42 Block miner
leader varchar 42 Block verifier
leaderStatus varchar 1 Block verifier status:1-Broadcast block, 2-normal, 3-swith
difficulty int 11 Difficulty
totalDifficulty int 11 Total difficulty
size int 11 Block size
gasLimit int 20 Gas limit
gasUsed int 20 Gas consumption
timestamp bigint 20 Block time
transactions int 11 The number of transactions in block
signatures int 11 The number of signatures

tx_address(Transaction Info Table)

Name Type Length Notes
id bigint 20 Transaction primary key
hash varchar 128 Transaction hash
addrTo varchar 42 Transaction recipient address
value varchar 32 Transaction value
input longtext 0 Transaction remarks
addrFrom varchar 42 Transaction sender address
time bigint 20 Transaction sender address
block int 11 Transaction block height
matrixType int 3 Transaction type: 0 - normal Tx, 1 - broadcasting Tx, 2 - miners reward, 3 - revocable Tx, 4 - revert Tx, 5 - authorize, 6 - cancel entrust, 7 - timing Tx, 8 - AI Tx, 9 - create a currency, 10 - Verifier reward, 11 - Interest reward through contract Tx, 12 - Txfee reward, 13 - lottery, 119-super Tx, 120 - super block Tx
sort int 11 Insertion sequence
isExtraTo tinyint 1 Whether it is or isn’t a 1-to-many transaction